Learn Tarot Once and for All

From novice to income pro...all in one place!
with Debra Zachau

From Novice to Paid Pro

From novice to income pro...all in one place!
with Debra Zachau
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Who is this Course For?

In this Beginning Tarot series I teach you how to help others as a professional advisor.

This course is for the person who is tired of their career and is looking for work that is more satisfying. This Beginning Tarot class offers a higher level of fulfillment than what your present work may give you.

The person who needs a side gig working from home (or anywhere else for that matter) that pays well. 
You have been through the school of hard knocks, put those life lessons to work helping others!

The person who is interested in learning more about themselves on a spiritual basis. Someone who would like to share those discoveries with others by advising them, teaching them, or writing books for them.
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What You’ll Learn

  • The minor arcana, or mysteries that provides an overview of your everyday tick tock life. Problems in life are created in the mundane. They revolve around your work your relationships your career choices and the minor arcana can help you clearly see the challenge people are facing. And THAT is the first step to solving the problems and relieving the suffering.
  • The major arcana. The 22 cards in the deck that talk to you from the higher octaves, your higher self, your angels, teachers and guides. The majors help you stay in alignment with your higher self and remind you of who you are at soul level.
  • The court cards that talk about the people in your life. They show who is blessing you and blocking you along with HOW to negotiate and deal with them. You will understand their traits, know their trigger points as well as their kryptonite. 
  • A clear understanding on what each card means as a stand-alone message as well as how that meaning shifts when other cards are close. This is what separates my class from others! 
  • The elements of the suits for those of you sensitive to color and earth energies. The empath/shaman. 
  • The energies and meaning of numbers for those whom enter the stillness of knowing through the left brain.
  • You will learn how to stay within your intuition and not float off into your imagination during a reading.
  • How to frame a question so you never lose control of the reading. You can enjoy complete confidence in your service and provide clear and concise information.
  • How to STOP feeling you need to look at the book during your readings! You will know what you’re doing because you will be fully seated in the stillness of knowing.
  • Several recorded practice readings to show how a certain spread can help you to a deep understanding of what spirit is saying fast so you can put your knowledge and talents to work right away.


Louise Hauck, 
Author, Teacher, TV and Radio

Like Debra, I am a professional intuitive spiritual counselor, and I’ve had the pleasure of personally experiencing her skills. I tend to be extremely selective in recommending those who do this important work. There are many psychic people out there, but I’ve found few who have the necessary positive filter, a commitment to serve the greater good, and are able to leave their egos at the door! Debra is skilled in the way she interprets the information she receives and her explanations are often enlightening, teaching moments. You’ll definitely benefit from her guidance that will assist you in moving forward in new and positive ways.

More About This Course

And the BEST part is those who invest in this course will gain access to live practice sessions (over Zoom) with me so you can ask questions, bring pictures of your readings to the group for analysis and get answers to your business questions like what to charge, how to build a clientele, what aspect of the psychic science you should specialize in etc.  During these live session you can learn how to price your service and what you can expect to make as a professional advisor. 



Let's Get Started

Is this YOU?

  • You own a Tarot deck but you’re not totally sure what all the cards mean.
  • You feel intimidated and a little overwhelmed. Not sure how to start.
  • You feel there is just too much fiddly stuff to learn to be good at reading.
  • You want a COMPLETE class not one that just tells you what each card means then says ‘good luck you’re on your own’.
  • You would like to feel more confident with the cards so you can accept invitations to read at events, parties or even do stage work with message circles.
  • You want to know enough about the tarot that an image of a card can pop into your head when you shake someone’s hand, giving you a paragraph of information about the persons’ situation. 
Tarot IS BUILDING A LANGUAGE with spirit. 
Then you will LOVE this class.

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Grow Your Light with Debra Zachau Author- Speaker- Teacher - Reader

Hi! My name is Debra Zachau. I’ve been a tarot card reader for over 30 years, serving thousands of clients from around the world. I help people create a career in helping others.
I teach many modalities of higher consciousness for those who want to pursue their dreams of serving the world through a career in metaphysics.
Once a person knows the basics you will find many doors opening to you. Mediumship, animal communication, spiritual coaching, teaching, speaking events, host spirit circles and work one on one with private clients as well as enjoying consistent income through psychic hotline work.
I’m the co-author of the Matthews – Zachau Tarot Pro deck and book due out next year through Schiffer books. I’ve been a keynote speaker at The World Divination Association, a worldwide school based out of Munich and offered online.
A master of tarot and a certified Soul Realignment practitioner providing services for those who want to go deeper into who they are at soul level and facilitates positive ways a person can live their most authentic self.  “By understanding who you are at soul level a person can quickly manifest wealth, love, fulfillment and contentment”. 

I especially love teaching Tarot to beginners—and my classes have become so popular that the class is now available as a video course!  Unlike live classes this is a way you can go back and re-study and refresh while your expertise and abilities grow. But the BEST part is the LIVE practice sessions designed to keep you moving towards a professional career.

Visit my website for details on ways we can meet for private readings as well as tailored classes so you can enjoy your best self-inside your best life!
www.debrazachau.com or www.growyourlight.com 

More About Me

Aside from Tarot, I am owned by a few parrots and a couple of awesome little dogs who patiently provide company in my studio as I write and film and chat on the phone. Each day we walk a little, play a little and sit next to the pond out back. I’m sure they would rather me take them to a squirrel farm to run and chase, (man wouldn’t that be cool for a dog?), but until I find one close by we will have to make due with walking and talking and sitting by the pond.

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